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[This is the old Zamba corporate site and is kept here as a record]

Come to us for web site design, photography, copywriting, editorial or corporate communications, and advertising consultancy. Here you can find out who we are, what we do and see some examples of our work.

Buddha's Village

Buddha's Village:
All you wanted to know about Tibetan Buddhism but were afraid to ask! Well, we hope that's what it will develop into... Details here about the FPMT (a worldwide Buddhist organisation), a gallery of Buddhist Images, Buddhist teachings (there's one from the Dalai Lama) and a discussion group.


Travel Signposts

Travel Signposts:
Over 40,000 travel photos of European tourist destinations, travel tips and useful information to help you plan your European tour from professional travel photographer and writer Tony Page.

Travel Signposts Photo

Travel Signposts Photo :
Your photographic home on the internet: your personal blog, your own photo gallery, forums, articles and tutorials on all aspects of digital photography.

The Gallery

The Gallery:
Photography by 
Tony Page. 
Current exhibition: "Magic Ladies". Soon you'll be able to buy prints and portfolios in the Gallery Shop.


Dubious jokes, amazingly infuriating games, useful links and other odds and ends...


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